Stay the Blazes Home Photos

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Stay the Blazes Home Photos

Guelph Childrens Portraits


Hey Folks! As hard on us adults as this whole Covid-19 Pandemic is (I’m going a little stir-crazy not working) , it’s harder on our children. SOOOO – I had an idea for your kids and me to jump on the “STAY THE BLAZES HOME” bandwagon 😃 We’re gonna have a “Costume Partaaaay!”

This is a fun idea I want to do for ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGE at all. ….. yes you heard that right. Get out your Halloween Costumes, Sports uniforms, Dance Costumes, Princess Dresses, Easter Outfits and lets have some fun. I just want to try and keep active with my editing skills and try some new techniques and backgrounds.

1.Get your child dressed up (10 years old or under for now)
2. Find a solid clean backdrop ( like a grey wall or somewhat neutral coloured Wall – see photo)
3. Open up the drapes/blinds so you have a bright room (BUT NOT DIRECT SUN)
4. Make sure your photo is not blurry so hold your phone (VERTICAL) or camera really steady.
5. Take a photo in a fun pose ( nothing too crazy please)
6. Only ONE CHILD in each photo please

EMAIL the FULL-SIZE photo to:


I will choose the 10 most creative/fun costumes/poses to make a fun custom poster like the ones below and post it on my Facebook page for you and your family to enjoy, tag and Share.

Offer ends April 17th ( or when I have chosen the 10) PLEASE SHARE 😍

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Stay the Blazes Home

Porch Portraits Guelph