Stay at Home Costume Party

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Stay the Blazes Home Costume Party

Guelph Childrens Portrait Studios


Okay this COVID – 19 stuff is really depressing. I need to do some fun stuff again. So here is what I have come up with. There are no hidden fees I am doing this just for fun and to give some kids a cool image to remember this time of their lives. I am only selecting a few images to do so make sure you follow the instructions and send in a photo.

For all my amazing clients and friends that have kids stuck at home during these crazy times. I have a fun idea I want to do for absolutely NO CHARGE at all. I just want to try and keep active with my editing skills and try some new techniques.

Lets have a dress up party….. yes you heard that right. Get out your Halloween Costumes, Sports uniforms, Dance Costumes or what ever you can think of and lets have some fun in your home home. “Stay Home the Blazes Home” 🙂

Here are the details

Please follow these instructions carefully. Please don’t sent me a photo from halloween night or one posing in the costume store or one taken last year. This is meant to a fun thing for you and your kids to do now. Heck get dressed up with them…. turn on some music, have a dance party, do your school work wearing them, just have fun with your kids.

1. Get your kids dressed up remember this is for them so make it fun ( 10 years old or younger please)

2. Find a solid clean backdrop in your home ( like a grey wall or neutral coloured Wall see below)

3. Make sure your photo is not blurry so hold your phone, table or camera really steady. If they blurry they will not be chosen sorry 🙁

4. Take a photo in a fun pose ( nothing to crazy please but also dont just stand there give me something to work with)

5. Only one child in photo please

6. Email the ONE photo to

Sorry but images that are sent not following the rules will not be chosen.

I will choose a few kids to make a fun custom photo FREE of charge like the one below of Austin and post it on my Facebook page for you and your family to enjoy and to remember this crazy time in your lives.

PLEASE don’t send me an email with multiple photos and only one email per family please.

Offer ends April 12th ( or when I have chosen the 10 )

Sports, Dance, Halloween, gymnastics, ballet or any other outfit you have. 🙂

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One child per photo please

Stay at Home Costume Party